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kelp goose

Kelp Gans

Auf den Felsen der Falklandinseln sind sie leicht zu entdecken, wenn sie im Seegras nach Nahrung suchen.

Informationen über Kelp Goose

Our Expert Says… "The coloring of the males and females is so diverse that they are often mistaken as separate species when seen together! As well as common in the Falklands, they can also be seen in Ushuaia and are a highlight species for most visitors."

Kelp geese are found in Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego, as well as a slightly larger sub-species on the Falkland Islands. As the name suggests, the Kelp Goose is a specialist feeder - in fact, it eats nothing but seaweed. Birds on the mainland have been known to travel long distances along the South American coast to find it, whereas the Falklands sub-species is resident there all year round.

Known as the Caranca in Spanish, there are thought to be about 30,000 individuals in the world population. The male kelp goose is pure white, with yellow feet and a black beak. Females are a dark brown color with grey lines over the breast. They also have yellow feet.

A common sight on the Falklands, the male stands out against the rocks and foliage due to his white coloring, whereas the female is well-camouflaged. They prefer areas with long grasses like tussock because they like to lay their eggs hidden among them. Females will usually lay 4 to 7 eggs in October or November, and the male stands guard over the females as they incubate the eggs and protect the young chicks.

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Kelp Goose

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